Delta’s rebrand of its former Economy Comfort product has caught a bit of ribbing by some. Why? It’s easy to just shorten Comfort+ to C+. Last week, was my first opportunity to try the product since its March 1 introduction. While coach will always be coach, there are a few things that are hard to ignore…. Read full article

I think the biggest news this week was the merger of AAdvantage and Dividend Miles. While some cleanup work is still ongoing, it appears that things went mostly OK from my vantage point. As of this morning, all of my miles are present, and everything successfully transitioned over. Yay! In the meantime, let’s look at… Read full article

It’s Sunday morning. Palm Sunday. The sun is up, and so is I took my own advice yesterday and decided to leave alone for the evening. I woke up to a website that is still displaying the message that they are working on things. But this morning, I can successfully log into the… Read full article

Most of frequent flyer land is well aware that today is D-Day for the AAdvantage and Dividend Miles merger. While today is the big day, the full transition of data could take a few days. This is likely one of the bigger airline IT projects and the task of putting together the accounts of 100… Read full article

Carnival Corporation is undertaking a massive fleet expansion beginning in 2019. The world’s largest cruise company has signed memorandums of agreement that will add a total of nine new cruise ships to the company’s industry-leading fleet over a four-year period from 2019 – 2022. According to Carnival “the shipbuilding agreements, which include options for additional ship… Read full article

I am an airline pilot. Yes, I said that. I was grounded by type 1 diabetes, and even though I’ve long moved on to another career, I’ll say it again – I am an airline pilot. My heart lies in it, and even now, nearly 20 years later, it still hurts when someone does harm… Read full article

Let’s talk about an airline for a minute. The core purpose of an airline is transportation between points on a map. The free Coke and pretzels, even the miles, are somewhat secondary. I look for three things in an airline – reliability, convenience, reasonable (not cheap) price. Everything else falls into something I call nice… Read full article

Commenter 194 is the winner of the Sony noise canceling earbuds. Thanks Christian!  

CONTEST CLOSED – WINNER TBA A few days ago I won a pair of Sony noise canceling headphones (earbuds) for participating in a Twitter chat. Since I already have my own, I thought it would be nice to give these away to a reader, so….. It’s time for another Reader Contest!!! WOOHOO! Like most things… Read full article

The only frequent flyer program merger I really remember is that of the Piedmont program (my first) into the then US Air program. They added a 7 in front of my Piedmont number, and everything kind of magically rolled together. Later, I got a new US Airways Dividend Miles number, no doubt related to that… Read full article

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